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The Children of Sumatra was set up with the aim of helping children suffering from cleft lip and palate living on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Many families there are too poor to pay for a simple operation that can transform their child’s future. In Europe and America we are almost unaware of this condition as it is corrected within the first year of a child’s life but in Indonesia this is not the case and the condition affects 1 in 500 children.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our supporters over the years. Please take a look at the short video below...


News update... Road Trips 2015

Thank you for following the Children of Sumatra in 2015. As we journey towards our busiest time of the year, it means so much to us to share our news and gain your support.

This year's road trips have begun! We are stunned, each year, by the sheer and ever increasing number of children in need of our help. This year, despite the rough terrain and landslides along our way, we are managing to reach children in some of the most remote areas of Sumatra. Initially meeting these children and families is really quite indescribable; out of nowhere, our car arrives and children are given the chance for a future of new health and happiness which they have often never anticipated. As a result, this time of year can be just as emotional and heart warming as reaching that moment when we see children journeying home, beaming their new smiles as leave the rehabilitation centre in the coming months. This gift and opportunity is only made possible by our donors and volunteers each and every year and without them, these children's hope would be lost.

We have, however, a very long road ahead of us this year; amongst the many new children already found during the first few days of our road trip, we have many children returning to us who were too unwell to undergo surgery in 2014. This means there is a rapidly growing number of children for whom we must provide a vast amount of care.

In so many cases, the medical help we provide for the children located on our road trips each year, is far from straight forward. Many children and babies suffering from cleft lip and palate deformity need urgent nutritional intervention and medicines to ensure they are healthy enough to under go surgery. This means we are working hard to reach children and assess their needs immediately, to allow them their best chance of receiving an operation this year.

Our teams of Dutch surgeons begin the first set of operations on 21st September this year. This is shortly followed by a second team of surgeons arriving to continue the operations on 19th October.

With a growing list of children, who are so deserved of this life changing surgery provided by these doctors, we find ourselves ever grateful to our regular donors and those whom share and support the work we do, as it is all made possible by you.

We very much look forward to sharing with you the next leg of our journey as we give hope to those in the far reaches of Sumatra, Indonesia, and start to prepare for the busiest, most emotional and rewarding segment of our year.

To follow our news and regular updates and share with others the work we do, please visit; https://www.facebook.com/children.ofsumatrahttps://www.facebook.com/children.ofsumatra

If you would like to donate, we thank you very much and refer you to the donate button on our home page (above).

To see a pdf of all our completed operations in 2015 click here.



Before & after operations

Here are some of the children we have been able to help over the last 10 years...

Children before and after their operations


Mario & Alex

Many cleft orphans were found last year and they are now happily living in Harapan Jaya getting the care they need. We would like to thank all the kind people that have sponsored individual children but we are always in search of more regular donors. Receiving monthly donations is so important to us as we know exactly how much money we have and can guarantee regular payments to the children that need them.

Mario before & after his operation

Mario was found abandoned aged only 4 months and taken in by Harapan Jaya, the rehabilitation centre we work with in Siantar. We operated on his cleft lip last September and he will have his palate repaired later this year. Thanks to regular donors we are able to fund his daily needs and the staff at the centre give Mario a happy, loving home.

Alex before & after his operation

Alex is another child who benefits from regular donations. He was operated on in 2009 at 13 years of age for both lip and palate. Shortly after his operation his father died of cancer leaving 5 children, Alex being the eldest. Alex had to work to support his family but with your kindness we now help to support his family and Alex is back in school continuing with his studies.

To become a regular donor for the Children of Sumatra and improve the lives of cleft orphans like Mario & Alex, please download this form and return it to us to set up a standing order.

Location of our work

Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world, and the third largest in the Indonesian archipelago. Lying between the Indian Ocean and the peninsula of Malaysia and Singapore, Sumatra sits parallel to the fault line, which runs up the west coast. This is where two tectonic plates meet, and it was movement caused by the immense build up of pressure along this fault line that resulted in the tsunami in December 2004. Worst hit was the northern tip of Sumatra, particularly Aceh province.

The work of The Children of Sumatra started on the island of Pulau Weh (also known as Sabang) in Aceh province. We now work over a large area of Northern Sumatra spreading as far south as Pekanbaru.


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